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Call for Abstracts

The 21st COSBID meeting and third International Conference on Spreading Depolarizations (iCSD) is open to anyone interested in spreading depolarizations and will be held July 1-3, 2019 as an official satellite of the Brain2019 meeting in Yokohama, Japan.

Abstract Format and Submission

iCSD welcomes abstracts on any topics relating to spreading depolarizations such as depression of spontaneous brain activity, epileptic seizures, migraine, neurovascular disease, traumatic brain injury, hypoxia and cardiocirculatory arrest. Both laboratory and clinical investigations are welcome including electrophysiological, neuroimaging and genetic studies. Abstract bodies should be no more than 2,300 characters (not including spaces) and be formatted as a single paragraph, using structured headings within the paragraph as appropriate for the work (e.g. Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion). Indicate presenting author with underline and list department and institutional affiliations for all authors using superscript numbers. All submissions will be considered for oral presentation, but may be accepted as posters. Submit abstracts and inquiries by email to icsd21@yamaguchi-u.ac.jp.

Abstract Submission deadline

March 15, 2019 March 31, 2019 (Japan Time) Abstract Submission is closed.

Young Investigator Award

At the end of the meeting, the best young presenter will be selected by the Program Committee. 39 year-old or younger presenters are eligible for the award. If you are eligible for the award, please write “I am eligible for the young investigator award” at the end of the abstract.


第21回COSBID meeting/ 第3回International Conference on Spreading Depolarization (iCSD)が2019年7月1日から3日まで横浜においてBrain & Brain PETの公式サテライト学会として開催されます。Spreading depolarizationに興味のある多くの方々からの演題をお持ちしております。


演題はspreading depolarizationに関することであれば基礎研究、臨床研究問わずどのような内容でも構いません。抄録本文は半角2,300字以内(スペースは含まない)でIntroduction, Methods, Results, Discussionのように内容にあった見出しをつけてください。演者氏名、所属機関を記載し筆頭演者には下線を引いてください。全ての演題は口演を考えておりますが、応募多数の場合ポスター発表にさせていただく場合もございます。iCSD21@yamaguchi-u.ac.jpに演題をお送りください。ご質問も同じメールアドレスでお受付いたします。


2019年3月15日 2019年3月31日(日本時間) 演題募集を締め切りました。

Yong Investigator Award

学会の最後に最優秀若手演者を表彰いたします。39歳以下が対象です。対象となられる演者は抄録の最後に ”I am eligible for the young investigator award” と記載してください。